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Most versatile neonatal transport incubator on the market

Can be customized for air, ground or both

Voyager pic 2.jpg

Preferred incubator for neonatal flight teams 

Highly customizable

Suitable for small aircrafts

Mounts for two gas cylinders

Numerous options for transport ventilators and cardiac monitors

Aviator Transport Incubator.jpg

Meets NRP guidelines

Integrated pulse oximetry (optional)

Light, compact, easy to maneuver

Gentle-ride shock absorbers

750i Transport Incubator.jpg

Affordable, feature rich micro-environment that provides dependable infant thermoregulation support

Control Modes: Kangaroo, Servo, Manual

Vertical Height Adjustment

Built-in Battery Power*

Integrated Scale with Trending*

T-piece Resuscitation*​   


NuBorne 500.jpg
Warmer with Bilicocoon.png

Provides a controlled concentration of nitric oxide 


Real-time mass flow meter guarantees gas monitoring with remarkable precision


LCD color screen


Visual and audible smart alarms

Continual monitoring of NO, NO2 and O2 via side-stream analysis


Meets the most recent transport standards


Soft and flexible phototherapy treatment

Compatible with warmers, incubators and kangaroo care therapy


The Nest System is designed for preterm babies:  allows quick and easy access to the newborn and provides posterior and lateral coverage


The Bag System is designed for full term babies:  provides anterior and posterior pads for full body coverage

Large therapeutic surface area to decrease treatment time

Meets and exceeds AAP guidelines

Even light distribution

Flexible fabric for a comfortable fit

Quiet operation

Biliicocoon pic2.jpg
BC Bag System.jpg
Bilicocoon pic.jpg
BC Light Box.jpg
BC Nest System.jpg

Programmable monitoring and stabilizing of body temperature

Programmed hypothermia protocol

Baby servo controlled

Cools or warms

Tecotherm on Voyager.jpg

Videolaryngoscopy for tracheal intubation on the most fragile patients

#000, #00, #0, and #1 disposable Miller blades

Facilitates non-invasive surfactant administration

Suitable for infants less than 1kg

Digital video recording to SD card

Neoview pic 2.jpg
Neoview pic 2.jpg



Offers protective support and allows for patient transitioning with minimal disturbance

Supports IVH protocols

Integrated earmuffs

Stabilizes head in midline position

Reduces infant stress when handling

Transportle pic.png
Transportle pic 2.png

Gives clinicians vital information related to neonatal brain status and is easily integrated into NICU’s existing neonatal brain monitoring protocols

Designed specifically to maximize efficiency in the NICU

1, 2, and up to 8 channels of aEEG/EEG bedside monitoring

Simple setup: apply the electrodes and two clicks to record 

High quality data with less artifacts and less misinterpretation 

Shielded neonatal caps that are quick to apply

Neo Image.png
Neo image.jpg

Promotes developmental care and accommodates the treatment needs of neonatal patients:

Bili, Gastro, Med, Sleepy and Trach


Allows clinical access while recreating the comfort and security of the womb


Patented peanut shape allows for range of motion


Meets AAP Safe Sleep Standards


Double zipper for easy clinical access 

Unique venting allows air to move to prevent overheating

woombie pic.jpg

Versatile and compact bedside resuscitation unit


Consists of all the equipment required to facilitate

improved placental transfusion and cardiovascular transition


T-Piece Resuscitation during delayed cord clamping*

“V” shaped elevating mattress platform

Integrated timer with audible alerts

Compact footprint


LIfestart pic.jpg
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